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SEGA WORLD Kagoshima Izumi

  • SEGA WORLD Kagoshima Izumi
【News of the closing a shop】
Our shop closed in August 31, 2019.
Thank you for the head patronage of taking its ease.


Rokugatsudamachi 347, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima-ken,, Japan

By Car
Near the "Nishimuta Izumi" along the National Route447
Phone Number0996-67-4187
Business Hours
Features of the shops
  • 駐車場有
Game Type
  • UFOキャッチャー
  • プリントシール
  • メダルゲーム
  • ビデオゲーム
  • 音楽ゲーム
  • Docomo
  • Softbank
  • au
    • 共通ポイントサービス「Ponta(ポンタ)」
    • 共通ポイントサービス「Ponta(ポンタ)」
*Please note that the indicated devices may not be available at the shop due to the timing of updating the information.
*Please contact the shop directly for inquiries concerning the arrival date and inventory status of prizes.